Olyset Net

Sumitomo Chemical’s Olyset Net has revolutionized the global fight against malaria. Protecting nearly 800 million people since it received WHO recommendation in 2001, the highly durable and award-winning LLIN (long lasting insecticidal net) uses hybrid polymer and controlled insecticide release technology to repel, kill and prevent mosquitos from biting for up to five years.

The wonderful story about its origin

The development of the Olyset Net started when a Sumitomo Chemical employee heard a report on the spread of Malaria in Saudi Arabia. The report moved him to make efforts to combat malaria his lifetime work. It also inspired him to take up independent research into malaria prevention, which he pursued in addition to his regular work responsibilities. His commitment and enthusiasm were infectious and gradually inspired others. As the number of people who understood and shared his vision increased, ventilation and cost issues were resolved and the Olyset Net eventually developed into an independent business that embodied Sumitomo Chemical’s business principles.The Olyset Net can be considered one of the best examples of a business that symbolizes our “Creative Hybrid Chemistry,” where one Sumitomo Chemical employee’s commitment and enthusiasm encouraged others to communicate closely across divisions and organizations, bringing benefit not only to the company, but also to society.

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