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Energy & Functional Materials


High heat tolerant EMMA

    ACRYFT™ is a easy to process EMMA copolymer, only manufactered by Sumitomo.
    IT-related Chemicals

    Aluminum Sputtering Target

      By our state-of-the-art purification and proprietary crystal control technology we manufacture aluminum alloy targets targets of superior quality and reliability. The aluminum sputtering target as final product is being supplied to our customers worldwide as key-product for electric wiring for integrated circuits. By doing so Sumitomo Chemical is the world's only fully integrated producer of these products, from raw material to finished product.
      IT-related Chemicals

      Compound Semiconductor Materials

        Compound semiconductors are used for antenna switches and laser diodes for communication terminals in this age of IoT. They are increasingly used because of their advantages in speed and breakdown voltage over silicon semiconductors. We provide gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN) and other materials required in compound semiconductors.
        Energy & Functional Materials


        Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

          A synthetic rubber with a wide range of applications
          Essential Chemicals & Plastics

          High Density Polyethylene


            Our range of High Density Polyethylene is composed of two grades produced at the Rabigh site in Saudi Arabia: F0554 for film and B2555 for blow molding applications.
            Energy & Functional Materials


              IGETABOND™ is an ethylene-glycidyl methacrylate (E-GMA) co-polymer. IGETABOND™ exhibits excellent reactivity and adhesion to a wide variety of materials due to its epoxy group
              Essential Chemicals & Plastics

              Low Density Polyethylene


                Our range of Low Density Polyethylene is composed of one grade (L705, MFR 7) produced at the Rabigh site in Saudi Arabia.
                Health and Crop Sciences

                Methionine Feed Grade

                Sumimet™-P / Sumimet™-L

                  Sumitomo Chemical is a major manufacturer and global supplier of methionine for feed use globally.  Methionine is an essential amino acid, used as feed additive, mainly in feed for poultry, swine, and aquaculture.  It further contributes to a better animal health and has also a positive impact on our climate by reducing emission of greenhouse gases.  Our European Headquarter is responsible for sales & marketing of powder and liquid methionine in EMEA, with supply from different stock points.  For inquiries, please contact us at
                  Health and Crop Sciences



                    Sumitomo Chemical has developed a unique manufacturing technology for producing oligonucleotides at commercial scale with high yield and purity, which gives in particular for long oligonucleotides (60 – 100 mer and more) a superior performance.  Due to the high interest from the market in our capabilities, Sumitomo Chemical is investing in a new manufacturing facility at its Oita Works, Japan, which will be commercially ready in June 2023.  With its focus on life sciences, Sumitomo Chemical is endeavoring to contribute to better lives for patients all over the world by investing in this cutting-edge technology to support the development of gene-editing drugs.  For inquiries, please contact us at
                    Energy & Functional Materials


                      The Penacolite™ Compounding Resins are most often used for steel-cord adhesion, but they can also be used alone or to augment the adhesion of traditional RFL-dipped cords. In addition, Penacolite™Resins increase the modulus and dynamic stiffness of rubber compounds without increasing hysteresis. Penacolite ™ Liquid Resins are designed for use in resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex (RFL) dip formulations for the treating of fibers such as polyester, nylon, rayon, glass, carbon or aramid. The resins are stable, contain no free formaldehyde, and reduce the time associated with an in situ dip. These pre-condensed resins reduce the amount of formaldehyde needed in use and provide a means to ensure the consistent quality of an RFL dip formulation.
                      Essential Chemicals & Plastics

                      Sumipex™ PMMA

                      Poly methyl Methacrylate

                        SUMIPEX™ is the registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical for its PMMA moulding resins, manufactured in Singapore with a 150,000Mt annual production capacity. Sumitomo Chemical is one of the largest PMMA producers in Asia. PMMA, also commonly known as acrylic, is an engineering plastic widely used in the fields of automotive, housewares, optical lens, extruded sheets, display panels, the manufacturing of light guide panels for LED television, laptop, tablet, monitor, LED Lighting and many other applications. The outstanding characteristics of PMMA have also earned it the title, “Queen of Plastics”.
                        Essential Chemicals & Plastics

                        Linear Low Density Polyethylene

                        C4 LLDPE

                          Our range of C4 Linear Low Density Polyethylene is composed of four grades produced at the Rabigh site in Saudi Arabia: FS150A (MFR 1.1),  FS153S (MFR 1.1 with slip and antiblock additivation) for Blown film applications, FS250B for Stretch film and FS350A for Cast film.
                          Essential Chemicals & Plastics

                          Polypropylene Homopolymer

                          Polypropylene (PP)

                            Our range of Polypropylene Homopolymer is composed of three grades produced at the Rabigh site in Saudi Arabia: Y101 for injection molding, FY2011E and FS3011E for extrusion process.
                            Essential Chemicals & Plastics

                            Polypropylene Copolymer

                            Polypropylene (PP)

                              Our range of Polypropylene Copolymer is composed of three grades produced at the Rabigh site in Saudi Arabia: AW564 (MFR 9), AR764 (MFR 25) and AZ764 (MFR 39) dedicated to injection molding process.
                              Energy & Functional Materials



                                Resorcinol is a critical raw material for reinforced rubber product adhesion systems, including natural and synthetic rubber to steel, nylon, polyester, aramid, glass and rayon fibers employed in tires and industrial products including belts and hose. In addition, resorcinol is a critical ingredient in wood bonding adhesives requiring room temperature cure and waterproof performance, and resorcinol is an essential raw material for many specialty chemicals including ultraviolet light absorbers, fire retardants, polycarbonates, agricultural chemicals, urethane elastomers, dyestuffs and many others.
                                Energy & Functional Materials

                                SUMIKAEXCEL™ PES

                                PolyEtherSulfone (PES)

                                  SUMIKAEXCEL PES is a transparent resin with a slightly amber color. It possesses a variety of useful properties, such as heat resistance, creep resistance, dimensional stability, flame resistance and hot water resistance. SUMIKAEXCEL PES is utilized as a molding material in many different applications including automotive parts, electronic components or sterile medical and dental instruments.  SUMIKAEXCEL powder grades are utilized as impact modifier for epoxy-based composites used in aircraft, heat resistant coatings, adhesives and membranes used in the medical and other industries. Sumitomo Chemical is the only manufacturer with a dedicated PES polymerization facility. Sumitomo Chemical PolyEtherSulfone is therefore free of any cross-contaminating products.
                                  Energy & Functional Materials

                                  SUMIKASUPER™ LCP

                                  Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP)

                                    SUMIKASUPER is a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester that possesses the highest heat resistance among all engineering plastics.
                                    Energy & Functional Materials

                                    SUMIKASUPER™ E101

                                    Wholly aromatic polyester

                                      SUMIKASUPER E101 series are wholly aromatic polyester resins with excellent abrasion resistance, self-lubricating properties, chemical resistance and heat resistance. When added to solid lubricants such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resins and graphite, SUMIKASUPER E101 makes them resistant to abrasion and compression creep and improves their sliding properties. PTFE/E101 stock shapes can be easily machined with conventional equipment.
                                      Energy & Functional Materials


                                      Intermediates & Additives

                                        Sumilizer are Sumitomo Chemical’s range of specialty antioxidants allowing top performance during polymer processing an the durability of the finished products.
                                        IT-related Chemicals

                                        SUMIRESIST™ Photoresists

                                        Light sensitive resin

                                          Photoresists are photosensitive resins used in the production of high-density, highly integrated circuit patterns on semiconductors and printed boards. Our photoresists respond not only to the needs of latest front-end process but also to the recent sophistication of the back-end process of semiconductor production.
                                          Essential Chemicals & Plastics

                                          Technology licensing

                                            Spreading TrustFor the success of your project, you can leverage these cutting-edge technologies, the very ones that have enabled Sumitomo Chemical to prosper as a successful chemical company for 100+ years. Our position as a leading producer and marketer has propelled us to make continuous improvements and optimizations of our technology, meeting the latest market demands and maintaining its top -competitiveness, both economically and environmentally. Please visit next website to learn how you can benefit from our best-in-class technologies:

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