Sumika Sustainable Solutions

Sumitomo Chemical recognizes that climate change problems present solutions that provide the Group with business opportunities, such as an increase in demand for products that help solve issues related to the environment and climate change, for example, reducing GHG emissions. To seize these kinds of opportunities, we are promoting products and technologies that contribute to solving issues as global warming countermeasures, reducing environmental burdens, and effective use of resources, as Sumika Sustainable Solutions (SSS).

Sumitomo Chemical Europe offers these products within the European region, helping to build a sustainable society.

Some of our solutions

SUMIMET METHIONINE: A feed additive that improves the balance of amino acids in chicken feeds. This additive reduces nitrogen in poultry excrement, which is a contributing cause to greenhouse gas emissions.

SUMIKAEXCEL PES: An additive for carbon fiber reinforced plastics used in aircrafts. Making the aircrafts lighter and more fuel efficient.

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